Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy a Tour with OHH! Italy?

To buy a tour on OHH! Italy’s website you only need to apply by
giving your name, email and requests on the format below any tour

How can I get my customized Tour with OHH! Italy?

To get you customized tour find an affiliate travel agency or travel
manager and they will help you to pack your perfect Journey in Italy.

Which services are offered on OHH! Italy website?

OHH! Italy offers three main services : premade tours those are
made by our team with carefully selected suppliers, duration and
experiences. Customized tours made with our online tool by
agencies or travel managers and final customers. This gives you the
opportunity to customize your own tour by selecting
hotels,restaurants,transportation,tour guides and experiences. Single
services such as tickets, experiences, hotels etc.

Is traveling with OHH! Italy safe?

OHH! Itay has been made to make the experience of traveling better
than ever all travelers own an insurance for their journey and all
reservations are guaranteed by our suppliers

What is the convenience of traveling and buying from OHH! Italy?

OHH! Italy allows you not just to have all in one tours with many
services included but also the advantage of storing all the info and
data about your tour and requests therefore there will be no delay in
transfers, services or insurance nor document issues. Also our
services and suppliers are carefully selected by our team in this way
our customers don’t need to spend hours online choosing hotels or at
the travel agency searching for the best journey

How can I get discounts and offers with OHH! Italy?

To know more about our promotional tours and special offers you can
subscribe to our newsletter or by following our social media.

Which services are comprehended in a Tour maybe by OHH! Italy?

OHH! Italy offers hotel reservations, Restaurant reservation (both
lunches and dinners), experiences (such as excursions or city tours
and museums private visits) , tour guide services and luxury
transports. Also OHH! Italy offers insurances for travelers, itineraries
and information about traveling in Italy.

How can I share my experience with OHH! Italy?

Our customers can either reshare the tour they did on their social
media profiles or our blog articles and even single services such as

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