La Dolce Vita

2 days in Verona & 1 day in Florence

OHH! ITALY offers you a tailor-made nine-day tour that will take you on a spectacular journey through the sights and sounds of Italy in the comfort of our luxury Mercedes minivan.

Arrival Airport: MARCO POLO
code: VCE
city: VENICE
Departure Airport: LEONARDO DA VINCI
code: FCO


Discover the city of Romeo and Juliet

On DAY1, after the welcome and check in at the hotel, discover the city of Romeo and Juliet with this fantastic walking tour of Verona in the company of our guides. You will start from the central Piazza Bra, site of the Liston, Gran Guardia palace, Town Hall and the imposing Arena that was once able to seat up to 30,000 people. Marvel at its pink-tinged marble before going to the Castelvecchio, the fortress and noble residence built by Cangrande II della Scala in 1354. Enjoy the scenic views and take photos from the summit of the bridge. Walk along the ancient Roman Postumia road to Borsari Gate, and follow the Decumanus Maximus to the Forum in the old city center. Now known as Piazza delle Erbe, the square is home to a lively market and the center of the city’s nightlife. Then enter Piazza dei Signori, Verona’s most beautiful square, ringed by elegant palazzi. See the Gothic funerary tombs of the Arche Scaligere, dedicated to the Della Scala family that ruled Verona from the 13th to 14th century. Continue to the city’s largest church, Basilica of St. Anastasia, a Gothic masterpiece. Then, it’s time to visit the house of Juliet and admire the famous balcony where, according to the stories, she leaned out to talk to Romeo. Leave a message, take a picture in\n front of the statue, or read Shakespeare’s verses.


Villafranca and Masi Winery

On DAY2, head to Villafranca, a picturesque town close to Verona. Here you will visit the Nicolis Museum of Cars, Technology and Mechanics, one of the most prestigious private museums in Europe. The Nicolis Museum was one of the first associates of Museimpresa, the Italian Association of Archives and Business Museums. Luciano Nicolis, the founder of the Museum, was an entrepreneur from Verona. He has merged his passion for technology and mechanics to create this ultramodern steel and glass building (6.000 sq m) and the museum that has always been open to the public and is now one of the most important cultural reference points in the area. It houses 8 collections of extraordinary numbers: 200 cars, 110 bicycles of great cycling champions, 100 motorbikes, 500 cameras, 100 musical instruments, 100 typewriters, 100 Formula 1 steering wheels, but also small airplanes and other original works of human talent. The historical archive and the library are full of documents that will satisfy even the most demanding of researchers and tell the story of the evolution of contemporary society through the history of transport. In the afternoon discover the Masi Winery, the best in the Valpolicella region. “Masi Wine Experience” is the culture and hospitality project that includes Masi’s historic headquarters in Valpolicella, but also offers entry to other centres of hospitality where the winery’s spirit and philosophy have become the guiding principles. One of these is the Tenuta Canova in Lazise at Lake Garda, where the authenticity of the food and wine is a charming surprise. Tenuta Canova offers a refined welcome to those passionate about wine and looking to discover its secrets. The visit starts with an excellent view across the vineyards towards the rolling hills of Valpolicella with its mountainous backdrop. Visitors can see the drying house, with the appassimento of the grapes; and the cellar where the famous Campofiorin, one of Masi’s iconic wines, is matured; furthermore, the wine shop and the restaurant offer a tasting of the entire Masi wine range and the chance to pair the wines with food inspired by local culinary tradition.


History of the Marchesi Antinori company

On DAY3, , after breakfast, travel to Florence in our luxury Mercedes minivan (about 3 hours). After a typical Florentine lunch overlooking the hills of Chianti, you will discover one of the most famous wineries in the world, Antinori. Experience the architecture, the flavors, and the emotions that will reveal both the full majesty of the winery and the intensity of its most representative wines. The winery is a milestone in the history of the Marchesi Antinori company: built entirely with locally sourced materials, respectful of the surrounding environment and taking great care to preserve the Tuscan landscape. It has become a place to discover the pleasures of living and breathing wine and to understand its life cycle: pressing, fermentation and aging – all without interfering with the wine’s quality.


Shop at the central food market

On DAY4, after breakfast, shop at the central food market with our chef and pick out the ingredients for your dinner. You will meet the butchers, the bakers, and the farmers selling vegetables from their gardens and learn how to identify the highest quality ingredients and distinguish the tastes of local foods and wines! After this experience, you will reach our welcoming professional kitchen and start creating your lunch under the expert guidance of our chef. Your menu may vary slightly depending on the season and the fresh ingredients available. At lunch you will sample your meal with two glasses of selected Chianti wine. In the afternoon, after a little walk in the historic city center, travel to Rome in our luxury Mercedes minivan (about 3 hours).


Discover the heart of the capital

In the morning of DAY 5 discover the heart of the capital of the ancient Roman Empire on a half-day tour with our guides. Where else could your visit start if not the symbol of the Eternal City? Naturally we mean the Colosseum, the largest amphitheater in the world, and the scene of bloody battles between gladiators. After visiting the Colosseum, continue to the old town to admire the Piazza Venezia and the Trevi Fountain, the largest of the Baroque fountains of Rome, still fed by an ancient Roman aqueduct from 19 B.C.. We recommend you throw a coin into its waters to ensure a return to the Eternal City. Our private tour will turn your visit into an unforgettable experience! After a light lunch in downtown Rome, discover why the fusion of fashion and cinema makes Rome the leading shopping destination in Italy. With the establishment of Cinecittà, Rome became an important point of reference for international show business; and also for high-end fashion with the appearance of great fashion houses like Fernanda Gattinoni and the Fontana sisters. The Italian cinema has been closely tied to fashion from its very beginning. In fact, clothing plays a fundamental role in expressing the essence of its on-screen characters. That role of fashion is no different for us – we too find ourselves on the set of our lives, and how we dress makes the first impression. Shopping in the capital offers us some of the most authentic examples of Made In Italy. Our experts will guide you on a shopping spree tailored for your needs, and our Personal Shoppers know how to best advise you on everything concerning your look.


Shop at the central food market

On DAY6, our chef will pick you up at the hotel after breakfast and guide you through the biggest open-air food market in Rome. Once there, our chef will give you some useful tips about Italian cuisine and help you to decide what to cook for lunch. Our classes will let you replicate traditional dishes of Roman and Italian cuisine, so that you can take the taste of authentic Italian food home with you. The cooking class is practical, interactive and will enable every participant to prepare and enjoy their own dishes.



On DAY7 our private luxury Mercedes minivan will be available for transfer you to the airport. Lunch and Dinner are included if purchased.

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