Matera The Ancient Town

Matera is a unique town on the Italian territory, which had remained isolated from the rest of the country until the middle of the century. many recognitions and events contributed to its worldwide fame, such as the reaching of the title as UNESCO World Heritage name, Mel Gibson's film "The Passion" and the designation as European Capital of Culture for 2019 made it known worldwide. Due to all of those things now the town is flooded by tourists, and despite the crowd it's still an unmissable visit.

“historical routes and places, you can breathe the origin of humanity step by step. This evolution on artistic, cultural and monumental recovery is extraordinary in less than thirty years!”

“Great place to visit. Loved the area. Exotic. Straight out of a history book. It’s a must see if you're staying in the south of Italy. Stay in a cave hotel you will love it!”

Matera has many corners from which is possible to see the suggestive panorama of the Sassi and the Murgia Park. From the viewpoint of Piazza Pascoli, a few steps from La Goccia (the sculpture by Kengiro Azuma) you can admire the beauty of the Sasso Caveoso, where the houses are almost completely carved out of the rock preserving also their original form compared to the past. In front of you, on a large limestone cliff in the middle the Sasso Caveoso, the church of Madonna dell’Idris, one of the nearly 150 cave churches, that is carved out of the rock, of Matera.
Belvedere Luigi Guerricchio (a famous artist from Matera) is located in the central Piazza Vittorio Veneto, right above the Palombaro hypogea (it will live you speechless), on the right of the small church of Materdomini, commissioned by the knights of Malta. In front of you stands the Cathedral overlooking the Civita, the central nucleus of the Sassi. From Piazza Duomo, in front of the Cathedral of Matera, you can admire almost entirely the Sasso Barisano which owes its name to the Roman consul Barisanus. But in the common tradition it is so called because it faces the nearby Puglia and therefore on the road that led to Bari.
This is a gem that few tourists know about. Continuing on via San Biagio up to via Santa Cesarea, you will find steps on the right that will take you to a small open space. You will find yourself right behind the Church of San Pietro Barisano and you will be able to admire its bell tower up close. The Belvedere M. T. is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating viewpoints in the city. But like all good things, you have to sweat a little to get there. For those who love nature and trekking we highly recommend taking the pedestrian path that from Porta Pistola that will lead you down to the Gravina stream. To cross it, you can use the newly built Tibetan bridge to go up the Murgia. Once arrived, a breathing sight will be waiting for you at the top. On the path, you can meet the typical flora and fauna of Murgia Park.
If you have eaten too much Paoluccio focaccia, wait for the end of digestion. If you don't want to struggle with physical activity, we are going to reveal to the laziest or to those who simply don't have enough time how to reach Belvedere of M.T by car. This belvedere is already at the heart of the Sassi. Follow the signs that take you from Via Bruno Buozzi to the rock-cut church of Madonna dell'Idris and once you get to the entrance, go around it. On the back of the church carved into the rock, only the view of the Murgia Park awaits you. Be careful not to lean too far! Another nice place to be visited is a small balcony in front of Church Sant'Agostino's facade which is accessed from Via D’Addozio. This corner offers a beautiful perspective for photographers.
The Belvedere of the Madonna delle Vergini church can be reached with our Luxury Minivan from the road leading to Taranto. For information on how to get there, read the post on how to reach Belvedere Murgia Timone. discover this World Heritage Site with us book now!
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