The Heroic Wine Culture of Valtellina

The Wine Culture in Valtellina

Valtellina or in english spelled as Valtelline is sometimes defined surprisingly as a harsh land because of it's surrounding, the imposing peaks of the Alps. Secondly is Rich in biodiversity and the largest terraced area in Italy with 2.500 kilometers in terracing ground. That's why it's an ideal place to produce wines like the Nebbiolo grape variety.

Because the sun's hitting the vineyards in a particular way but above all an extraordinary destination to visit for wine lovers, and Mountain aficionados and more generally for travelers and tourist of all ages.
Moreover the upper part of the Valtelline is often referred as "L'Inferno" literally Hell in italian, due to it's high temperatures during summer. In this amazing enviroment our partners of DDRIVE in collaboration with Patrizia Legnaro, are offering a special wine tasting experience tour an amazing luxury tour focused on the best wine and vineyards of the Valtelline land.
The tour will lead you to visit the best choosen producers of Nebbiolo and many other wines Nera and Caven agricultural companies. Patrizia Legnaro is a certified sommelier AIS and has a long expertise in wine&food industry and selection of best ''heroic'' winemakers in Italy. She will support the producer during the wine tasting, making the experience ''unique''.
The visit will last about 40 minutes and it could be done both in Italian and English language. It will guide you also through the vineyards of both Nera and Caven companies to let you spot amazing views of the alps and the valleys below the vineyards.

For the complete tour with all acommodations and transfer service stay tuned with our tour section and experience Italy with OHH! Italy
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