Discover Italy’s beauty through its art and music

1 day in Milan
& 2 days in Verona

OhhItaly! offers you a tailor-made tour that will take you on a spectacular journey through the history and the sounds of the Italian Opera.
Arrival Airport: MALPENSA
code: MXP
Departure Airport: MARCO POLO
code: VCE
city: VENICE


La Scala Museum

On DAY1, after the welcome and the check in at the hotel, your English speaking guide will take you to a tour that you will never forget. Whether you love opera or you hardly know it, this tour of legendary La Scala Theater and adjoining museum is a unique and fun way to get an inside look at one of the most famous opera houses in the world. With an expert guide by your side, tour La Scala Museum to see intricate outfits, musical instruments and various stage props. Then stroll through the foyer of the theater, taking in the beautifully designed 18th-century auditorium. This tour is a feast for the eyes and the mind, as your guide leads first through the theater’s museum, regaling you with the history of the theater while being dazzled by the display of intricate costumes once worn on stage, musical instruments played by famous musicians and various stage props used in famed productions. See also\n painted portraits of some of the most famous composers and performers, from Giuseppe Verdi to Arturo Toscanini. Then spend some time in the museum bookshop browsing at books about opera, in general, and famous composers, in particular. As you tour the theater and museum, you will gain an appreciation of the amount of work that goes in to an opera production at this famed venue. You will also have the chance to see the beautiful horseshoe auditorium from one of the 4th row boxes. After the theatre tour, your English speaking guide will take you to one of the best panoramic terraces in Milan for enjoy a traditional Italian aperitif.

After the dinner you will have the chance to see a live performance of the best opera international talents at La Scala, one of the most famous theatre in the world. Artists of the caliber of Giuseppe Verdi, Gioachino Rossini, Vincenzo Bellini, Maria Callas, performed for years in this theatre. Our Tour Leader will take you out for an early dinner, because usually the shows at La Scala starting at 8pm.

It’s probably not surprising that an opera house of the caliber of La Scala has something of a dress code. The theatre website says, Gentlemen are kindly requested to wear evening dress for premieres. Gentlemen are in any case required to wear a jacket and tie at all performances. Clothing which do not comply with a proper theatre decorum shall not be accepted. So while women’s attire isn’t specifically addressed, if you know that the guys are going to have to wear a coat and tie to all shows and evening dress for premieres, that means you can probably figure out what the ladies will need to wear!

Like any other opera house, La Scala has a seasonal schedule. Opening day is always on December 7th, which is St. Ambrose’s Day he is Milan’s patron saint, so this is a big annual holiday in the city when most businesses and schools are closed.

Check the calendar of La Scala


Music of Violins

On DAY2, in the morning time, discover the secrets and the art of violin making with this private visit at a luthier workshop. During the visit, you will be immersed in the exciting world of violin. The master luthier Philippe Devanneaux will reveal you the secrets of this ancient art: from the selection of the type of wood, to the execution of the drawing and the inner shape, to the actual manufacture of the instrument, all the way to its varnishing, the assembly of its accessories, and its final testing. The charm of a unique atmosphere comes alive in the workshop: the scent of the natural varnishing, the wood exposed for its decade-long seasoning, the large and small tools of the artisan (from the gouges, to the smoothing planes, to the screeds, etc.), the drawings, and the internal moulds peculiar to the Cremonese tradition. You will learn about old violins and related surveys trying to figure out how to distinguish a violin of Maestro by innumerable copies. The activity ends with a performance by an international violinist who lived in Italy from many years; it will be something you will never forget. In the afternoon, you will live a unique experience in Cremona, also known as the city of music, which not only fascinate the music lovers, but all those who are attracted by the wonders that the Italian artistic genius can realize. Our tour start with a visit of Giuseppe Verdi’s childhood home, one of the most famous composers in the world. After you will head to the G. Verdi theatre, located in the Rocca, or fortress, once the castle of the Pallavicino family, founded in the 1200s but heavily altered. Previously there had been another theatre in the exact same location, where Verdi had performed in his youth, directing a symphony from Rossini’s Barber of Seville. The idea of building a new theatre was already circulating around town in 1845 but the project was abandoned until the Municipality bought the Rocca in 1856. Construction took place in the years between 1856 and 1868 regardless of the Maestro’s resistance to the idea. He opposed the townspeople because he felt they had invaded his private life and because he felt the new theatre to be too expensive and useless for the future. Least but not last, accompanied by an expert private guide, you will visit the Museum of the Violin to learn about five centuries of Cremonese violin making, discover the secrets of a unique art in the world and admire the most famous violins of history, including “Cremonese” belonged to Antonio Stradivari. At the end of the tour, an international violinist will do a private performance for you at the auditorium, located inside the museum. Be ready for a fantastic journey in the history of violin!


Music of Violins

On DAY3, in the morning time, our expert guide will accompany you for a private walkaround tour in Venice. You will start from Correr Museum that will capture your attention from the very beginning with the incredible collections housed within the Correr Museum: a history that spans centuries, ready to amaze visitors with magical and amazing stories about the city. After you will move to the Doge’s Palace Museum, the ancient Doge’s Palace is a true masterpiece of Venetian Gothic architecture. Probably built in the IX century, and transformed over the centuries to achieve the elegant look it has today, the Doge’s Palace was the power and grandeur of the Venetian Republic up to its downfall. This fascinating tour will\n conclude between the ancient walls of St Mark’s Basilica, with a tour of its golden interior. Originally built to house the precious relics of St. Mark, which had been stolen by two merchants of Venice in Alexandria, Egypt, St Mark’s Basilica assumed the role of a cathedral only in 1807, after keeping for centuries the role of Palatine Museum of the Doge’s Palace. In the afternoon, after a light lunch, you will discover the secrets of Venice. The tour will start from the Museo della Musica, an exhibit\n dedicated to one of the artistic expressions that has contributed to the greatness of Italian culture: the making of stringed instruments. Venice, where the exhibit is situated, was a workshop for great makers of stringed instruments. Their excellent craftsmanship was evident in the experimentation and production of the musical instruments, always perfectly responsive to the new requirements of the sonorities which came to define those times. Hosted in the splendid Church of San Maurizio, the purpose of the museum is take the visitor on a journey into the history of music. After you will discover, hidden in its own little court yard, the elegant staircase Contarini Del Bovolo. It is an example of transition from Gothic to Renaissance style architecture in Venice with its peculiar spiral (“bovolo” in Venetian dialect) stairs going up the outside of the building instead of the inside. From the top is a lovely view of Venice’s roofs and spires. The tour continue with the visit of the world-famous Teatro La Fenice. Founded at the close of the 18th century, La Fenice quickly became the go-to theatre for the opulent premiers of some of the most famous operas in the world. With a seating capacity for over 1,000 people, La Fenice boasts excellent acoustics, a 98-member orchestra and 66-person opera chorus, a dedicated local audience and a large international following. The tour will end with a 1-hour boat tour on the Grand Canal of Venice, where you will see dozens of palazzos, mansions, churches, and iconic bridges that span the waterways as well as a romantic sunset that you will never forget.



On DAY4 our private luxury Mercedes minivan will be available for transfer you to the airport. Lunch and Dinner are included if purchased.

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