Fine culture and exquisite food: everything Italian

2 days in Venice, 2 days in Rome & 2 days on the “Amalfi coast”

OhhItaly! offers you a tailor-made tour that will take you on a spectacular journey through the sights and sounds of Italy.

Arrival Airport: TREVISO
code: TSF
Departure Airport: LEONARDO DA VINCI
code: FCO


Private walkaround in Venice

On DAY1, after the welcome and the check in at the hotel, our expert guide will accompany you for a private walkaround tour in Venice. You will start from Correr Museum that will capture your attention from the very beginning with the incredible collections housed within the Correr Museum: a history that spans centuries, ready to amaze visitors with magical and amazing stories about the city. After you will move to the Doge’s Palace Museum, the ancient Doge’s Palace is a true masterpiece of Venetian Gothic architecture. Probably built in the IX century, and transformed over the centuries to achieve the elegant look it has today, the Doge’s Palace was the power and grandeur of the Venetian Republic up to its downfall. If you are visiting Venice, Teatro La Fenice is definitely a must for making your stay in Venice unique. The visit between the stucco and gold of its prestigious venues gives you a backstage secret of the Theater and its stars, tracing its history from its origins to the present day. This fascinating tour will conclude between the ancient walls of St Mark’s Basilica, with a tour of its golden interior. Originally built to house the precious relics of St. Mark, which had been stolen by two merchants of Venice in Alexandria, Egypt, St Mark’s Basilica assumed the role of a cathedral only in 1807, after keeping for centuries the role of Palatine Museum of the Doge’s Palace.


San Erasmo Island and the Secrects of Venice

On DAY2, in the morning time, your English speaking guide will take you to the island of San Erasmo. This Island is just 15 minutes by boats from Venice and in the 16th Century was covered in vineyards. Michel Thoulouze and his family decided to relaunch wine production on the island using the traditional methods of the local farmers and the expertise of Lydia and Claude Bourguignon (Doctors of the Earth) and Alain Graillot whose Crozes Ermitage wines have a worldwide reputation. The resulting wine, ORTO, has all the character of this special island and it is the only wine cultivated within the territorial boundaries of Venice. A tour of the winery is a unique experience demonstrating the dedication that goes into every stage of production, artisanal in care and refined in technology. Here, a glass of wine awaits to reveal the secrets behind a great passion. In the afternoon, you will discover the secrets of Venice. The tour will start from the “Museo della Musica”, an exhibit dedicated to one of the artistic expressions that has contributed to the greatness of Italian culture: the making of stringed instruments. Venice, where the exhibit is situated, was a workshop for great makers of stringed instruments. Their excellent craftsmanship was evident in the experimentation and production of the musical instruments, always perfectly responsive to the new requirements of the sonorities which came to define those times. Hosted in the splendid Church of San Maurizio, the purpose of the museum is ‘take the visitor on a journey into the history of music’. After you will discover, hidden in its own little court yard, the elegant staircase “Contarini Del Bovolo”. It is an example of transition from Gothic to Renaissance style architecture in Venice with its peculiar spiral (bovolo in Venetian dialect) stairs going up the outside of the building instead of the inside. From the top is a lovely view of Venice’s roofs and spires. The tour continue with the visit of the world-famous Teatro La Fenice. Founded at the close of the 18th century, La Fenice quickly became the go-to theatre for the opulent premiers of some of the most famous operas in the world. With a seating capacity for over 1,000 people, La Fenice boasts excellent acoustics, a 98-member orchestra and 66-person opera chorus, a dedicated local audience and a large international following. The tour will end with a 1-hour boat tour on the Grand Canal of Venice, where you will see dozens of palazzos, mansions, churches, and iconic bridges that span the waterways as well as a romantic sunset that you will never forget.


Transfer from Venice to Rome

On  DAY3, in the morning time, you will be transferred in Rome with our luxury Mercedes minivan (about 5 hours). Once in Rome our Tour Leader will guide you through the streets of Rome for sip an Italian aperitif and enjoy your free time before the dinner.


Full day tour Rome

On  DAY4, your English speaking guide will pick you up for start your full day tour of Rome. Visiting Capitoline Hill to enjoy the spectacular panoramic view, of the Roman Forum, ancient Temples, Triumphal-archers, the Senate House, Basilicas and Sacred Way, which surround the old Roman Forum, hub of political, religious and commercial life during republican and imperial days and now forming one of the most historical archaeological complexes in the western world. With our Rome in one day tour, visit the nearby elegant renaissance square modelled by Michelangelo for Pope Paul III and adorned by the bronze equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius, father of the infamous Emperor-gladiator Commodus. See the Circus Maximus of Ben Hur fame with its impressive views of the sprawling ruins of the Emperors’ Palaces on Palatine Hill. Your tour continues to visit the Colosseum and hear about the bloody gladiator combats, the wild animal games and astonishing events held there to satiate the 70.000 excited roman spectators. Circle around Piazza Venezia, dominated by the massive looming “Wedding Cake” marble honorary monument. Erected in 1885 to commemorate King Victor Emmanuel II and drive to the Quirinal Palace, official residence of the Italian President originally built by Popes in the 1580’s as their splendid summer residence. Descend to the cascading waters of the Trevi Fountain, the grandest of Rome’s baroque fountains, still fed by an ancient 19 BC roman aqueduct and toss a coin into its gushing sprays to propitiate a sure return. Stroll by the Spanish Steps, favorite spot of European nobles during the Grand Tour era as well as haunt of poets, writers and painters in the Romantic age. Pass Palazzo Chigi, seat of the government and the nearby Italian Parliament as you make your way to Piazza Navona, most loved meeting place of Romans today and embellished by Bernini’s fountains and the Pamphily Palace. After an inside visit to the awe inspiring Pantheon constructed by Emperor Hadrian in 120 BC, spanned by a solid concrete dome, the largest in the world, enjoy a light lunch in one of the most typical restaurant of Rome downtown. Later you will head to the Vatican City, smallest sovereign state in the world, to visit the immense Papal art collections housed in the Vatican Museums once part of the Papal Palaces and the Sistine Chapel. After admiring the numerous artworks and masterpieces of Raphael and Michelangelo, visit St. Peter’s Basilica and the great baroque Colonnaded Square protected by Swiss Guards.


Amalfi Coast

On  DAY5, after the breakfast, you will be transferred with our luxury Mercedes minivan from Rome to The Amalfi Coast (about 3 hours). Facing the Tyrhennian Sea, the Amalfi Coast is one of 50 Italian sites inserted on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Amalfi Coast seems to be one grand balcony suspended between a sea of cobalt blue and the feet of the Lattari Mountains, in a long stretch of hollows and promontories, coves, cultivated terraces, vineyards, and citrus and olive grove. Set in a unique environment, it is an exemplar of a Mediterranean landscape and of enormous cultural and natural value due to its topographical characteristics, as well as its historical evolution. For this, it is protected by UNESCO.


Amalfi Coast Lemon & Capri

On  DAY6, you will spend an unforgettable day venturing off the beaten paths into the lemon groves of the Amalfi Coast. Learn about the cultivations of lemons, an art going back to ancient times. You will visit the collection center, which cures the selection process and the manufacturing of the “Amalfi Coast Lemon”. A walk through the Terra dei Limoni craft distillery, will allow you to discover the “Limoncello” and his production process. Traditional liquors tasting will be offered during the tour and, at the end, you will have a light lunch in a typical restaurant that it welcomes you with grace and courtesy in its grand balcony, suspended between the mountains and the sea. In the afternoon you will have the chance to visit the stunning and magnificent island of Capri, famous all over the world for its romantic panorama. How many times will you visit Capri in your lifetime? We hope to see you over and over again, but we all know that often a visit to Capri is a once-in-a-lifetime experience; that’s why OHH! ITALY decided to make it special . A private boat tour around the Island of Capri is the perfect way to discover the island at a relaxed pace, far from the noise and crush of the tourist crowds. One of our selected skippers will sail you around the coast and\n help you discover the island. You will spend your time on the water relaxing on the sun deck, with cushions, beach towels, and cool drinks keeping you comfortable while we sail along the dramatic coast of Capri.



On DAY7 our private luxury Mercedes minivan will be available for transfer you to the airport. Lunch and Dinner are included if purchased.

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